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Data Sheet Operation Temp Package Type Operation Voltage Output Current Function Description Available
WSH130 -40~125°C TO92-3L, SOT-23 2.4~26V 20mA Bipolar (S/N:50,70,120G) Hall Effect IC Now
WSH130NL -40~125°C TO92-3L, SOT-23 2.4~26V 20mA Unipolar (S:50,70,150G) Hall switch IC Now
WSH131 -20~85°C TO92-3L, SOT-23 2.4~26V 20mA Omnipolar (S/N:100,150G) Hall switch IC Now
WSH231 -40~90°C TO92-4L, SOT-25 2.4~26V 20mA S&N pole (70,100,150 G) two outputs Hall Effect switch IC Now
WSH132 -40~125°C TO92-3L, SOT-23 2.4~24V 20mA Unipolar (N:100,200,250 G) Hall Effect IC with Built-in Pull-high resistor Now
WSH133 -40~125°C TO92-3L, SOT-23 2.4~24V 20mA Bipolar (S/N:90 G)with Built-in Pull-high resistor Now
WSH134 -40~125°C TO92-3L, SOT-23 2.4~26V 20mA Unipolar (S:250 G) Hall switch IC Now
WSH237 -20~125°C TO94, SOT-25 3.0~12V 1.5mA (S/N 500 Gauss) Adjustable Hall switch IC NEW
WSH41F -20~125°C TO92-4L 2.8~20V 400mA Unipolar (S:150G) Switch IC with 2 outputs Now
WSH413NL -20~125°C TO92-4L 2.8~40V 350mA Unipolar (S: 250G) Switch IC with 2 outputs and Thermal Protection Now
  Unipolar/ Bipolar Hall Effect Switch IC
Linear Hall Effect IC
Half/ Full Wave Hall Effect IC
Voltage Reference
Current Sensor
Current Sensor Module
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