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Winson Terminal

This program provides three different functions for user to demo all Winson’s digital output products.

    1. Continuous Mode
    2. AT Command
    3. Modbus Mode



Winson Demo Board

Winson Demo Board, WDB is a multi-function test board, which are applicable to most products of Winson Semiconductor.WDB can be used for users to test before system development, and provide test daughter boards for IC or WCS testing.Test products include Hall switch ICs, Hall linear ICs, current sensors, current modules and digital current sensors.


WCM series release Modbus-RTU version

WCM series now provides the new Modbus-RTU version, which can read multi WCM Current Sensor Module with one UART port, for more information, please take a look at WCM series's Datasheets and WCM Application Note.


DWCS series

DWCS series is a AC/DC current sensor with calibrated digital signal output. It applies exclusive digital signal collecting technique and allows for easy implementation without breaking original system. Typical applications include load detection and management, over-current fault detection and any intelligent power management system etc. We will provide three version to meet different needs of customers.

Model Maximum Current Resolution Version
DWCS1600 50A 75A 222mA Continuous/AT+Command/
DWCS1700 35A 50A 148mA Continuous/AT+Command/
DWCS1800 17A 25A 74 mA Continuous/AT+Command/
DWCS2200 15A 22A 34 mA Continuous/AT+Command/
DWCS3300 50A 75A 100mA Continuous/AT+Command/


WCS23XXseries is designed for Current switching and Current measuring. As a switch,it can be adjusted the on/off spot by providing a reference voltage to the Vset pin. As measuring, it provide a precise solution for both DC and AC current sensing in industrial. furthermore, it can be adjusted the reference voltage in measuring mode for switching mode use. this series can be a good solution for over-current protection. Now we provides internal conductor and through-hole two different version.

  Part No. Sensing Current Resolution
Through-Hole WCS2300 0~60A  ±0.25 A
Internal WCS2302 0~2.0A ±0.3 mA
WCS2305 0~8.0A ±15 mA
WCS2320 0~30A ±35 mA